Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit

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  • Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
  • Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
  • Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
  • Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
  • Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit
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Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Wash Kit


Every swirl free wash process starts with a good wax and sealant safe pre-wash. In this kit we have included Citrus Power. This wax and sealant safe pre-wash will remove any light contamination on your vehicle such as: road grime, road salts and bug splatter. This will insure your wash mitt does not pick up any unnecessary contaminates, therefore reducing the risk of inflicting swirls and wash marring.

Next in the Ultimate Car Wash kit is Lather. Lather is a pH neutral car shampoo. This thick foaming car shampoo will help lubricate your paintwork and wash mitt to create a safe wash. Being pH neutral, Lather is perfect for maintaining any previous layers of waxes or sealants. Also Lather contains no gloss enhancers so what you see is what you get.

To help use Lather car shampoo safely we have also included one of an ultra soft lambs wool wash mitts. The soft thick nature of the wash mitt will insure any contaminates are picked up and removed from your paint. The ultra soft wash mitt also has a thumb section to insure you can get in all of those tight areas around your vehicle.

The drying stage is often over looked by many but is crucial to achieving a swirl free finish. For this we always turn to the jumbo drying towel. This large thick towel is perfect for soaking up any last water that was left after the rinse stage.

The application of all four products will help you achieve a swirl free wash every time with ease.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Citrus Power 1L
  • 1 x Lather 500ml
  • 1 x Ultra soft wash mitt
  • 1 x Aqua Deluxe drying towel

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