TD5 EGR Removal/blanking/bypass Kit FITS LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2

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TD5 EGR Removal/blanking/bypass Kit FITS LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2
THIS IS A TD5 EGR VALVE REMOVAL KIT IT FITS ALL TD5 DEFENDERS AND DISCOVERYS The EGR Valve puts hot gases back into the inlet causing the air to have less Oxygen for combustion. Removing the EGR keeps the inlet air clean, keeping the inlet temperature down so improves engine efficiency and performance. This custom built removal pipe allows the EGR Valve to be completely removed from the inlet system, eliminating the restrictions on airflow. instead of rubber solenoid blanking plugs the pipes neatly slot onto the two prongs on top of the pipe. Why would Land Rover fit it? Land Rover are made to fit these to meet strict EU regulations. But it is not needed to pass UK MOT or emission tests. There are many cheap EGR Valve kits on the market but there are few that we are happy to stock. This kit is a little more expensive than some but is a quality product, It is ZINC plated with raised bead .Not painted steel If it is not a good quality product you will find the following problems; - With out the raised retaining bead the hose can be blown off under pressure. -If they are not zinc plated they will rust (as we unfortunately found out on our td5 within two months of fitting it so have had to change it for one of these) -one removal pipe -one blanking plate -one gasket -six new bolts you will receive everything that is in photos It is a DIY job if you have some mechanical skills, otherwise it is an easy job for any local garage.
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