About Us


About us:

Lucari (previously LRI) has grown at a rate that we could never have imagined thanks to a large number of new and returning customers. Together with our team of dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who are constantly looking for ways to improve and will always go the extra mile.

Realising the importance of customer service and the frustration of long lead times, we do not offer catalogues of products that we cannot fulfil. Instead we make a range of our own high quality products and cherry pick from worldwide manufacturers and suppliers to stock the best possible parts for your Defender.

As well as our growing UK customer base, we also have a significant presence in many international markets such as Europe, USA, Central & South America, Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa. 




I started LRI in 2011, however my enthusiasm for Land Rovers began in my childhood driving Defenders on the family farm. Realising I 'needed' one for myself I saved my first Defender from the scrap yard when I was 11, spending weekends and school holidays repairing and upgrading it with any pocket money I had earned at the time. When my education ended I had a dilemma; give up on a hobby that I had spent years enjoying and go to university or turn it into a business.

The rest is history...


Steve Leadbeter