500W Sub woofer Barley fluted leather arm rest cubby box Fit Land Rover Defender

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500W Sub woofer Barley fluted leather arm rest cubby box Fit Land Rover Defender

LUCARI arm rest cubby box with AUDISON/(OR HERTZ DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY) sub woofer and amp built in. 

- Higher cubby box than standard with padded arm rest on top.

- 8 Inch 500W sub woofer 

- Ultra compact 1 channel Hertz Amp

- Full leather with perforated and quilted panels.

- Twin USB sockets inside the storage area ideal for charging phones

- Ported sub box built in that exits under the cubby

- OEM closure latches

- LUCARI twin cup holder

- Pre drilled location holes to fit directly into TD5 and puma defenders. (will also fit earlier models, holes may need to be drilled).

- Comes with AUDISON speaker panel.

- Very high quality self contained unit no need to bolt additional sub boxes in the load area of your vehicle. 

We highly recommend professional fitment as additional wiring will be required to install with the rest of your audio system.

ES 200.5


The Hertz Energy.5 ES 200.5 subwoofer offer a dynamic bass and are capable of outstanding SPL never achieved in this category of the market.
The introduction of the V-cone® technology had a big impact in the efficiency of the ES.5 subwoofers, also improving cone stiffness and reducing the weight of the moving assembly, allowing a higher strength voice coil for a higher peak power handling.
The implementation of the surround and spider geometry, as well as the selection of the materials used, contributed to achieving unmatched mechanical and thus acoustical linearity.
This, combined with a drastic reduction of the Vas, provides the ability to achieve high undistorted SPL output in even small enclosures.
The Hertz Energy.5 subwoofers are the perfect choice for solid, powerful bass in perfect harmony with improved vehicle integration.



Thanks to the ultra-compact cast-aluminium chassis (IP64 rated), the HMP 1D amplifiers is nature-proof, being the ideal choice for UTV/ATV/motorcycle installations. It features an incredible power/size ratio and an easy setup thanks to the integrated crossover filter. The Front End section features a complete and bypassable crossover system, providing full system design flexibility with or without external processors, offering the user endless connection possibilities with any source. Inputs feature a special balanced circuitry, ensuring high rejection against electro-magnetic interferences, for noise-free results. The level of HMP 1 D amplifiers can be remote controlled with the included HRC BM (Hertz Remote Control Bass Management). Connected to the Remote Control plug, this provides extremely precise volume level from the comfort of your seat.


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